African pastor-pastor Makhado Sinthumule

I used “juju” to grow my church – Popular African Pastor Confesses

The African pastor revealed that he used “muthi” for church growth and to gain wealth. 

This is the sad story of Pastor Makhado Sinthumule, a South African pastor who confessed to using “juju” to grow his church.

Recently, popular South African based Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse in his 2018 prophecies declared “so-called men of God” will be exposed.
“After I first opened my church, I saw it wasn’t growing and I decided to associate myself with pastors who could advise me on how to get a huge fellowship,” he said.

These pastors were from other African countries and they told me I needed to go to five different countries in West Africa to get powers.”
“I got the power to do prophecies and was able to see people’s secrets and do consultations. I used the bad powers I got to make people do things such as vomit snakes,” he said.

“I was in a rush to make money and see my church grow. This was what made me do bad things. The best way to get more followers was to perform miracles.”
After completing his four-year theology studies, Pastor Makhado travelled to several West African countries to get the muthi power.
Indeed his powers afforded him the life he craved. A life with riches and great abundance; however,  the 36-year-old, originally from Tshwanehe lacked genuine happiness.

“I felt guilty day in and day out. I ended up getting people to pray for me and going for counselling,” he said.
“I confessed to the church. These days I am a new man and I can openly tell my followers what I did,” he said.
Sounding like a man with regrets, the South African pastor who is better known as Pastor Khatha Khatha, said he changed his ways and his evil deeds made him realise the significance of true testimony.

Now he travels around South Africa to dissuade others from making the mistakes he made. He was recently invited by the Murendene programme, which deals with church-based evil- doers.
He told residents: “Many people think stories like mine are just conspiracy theories, but the truth is that evil deeds do exist and many live with them every day just for wealth.
“I was a good pastor when I started my church, but challenges arose and I started feeling I was wasting my time.

“My mistake was to associate myself with pastors running big churches as they introduced me to these evil things.
“Now that I am a changed man I preach the truth and nothing but the truth. I learnt that getting rich through muthi is bad.”

Certainly, this is a time for christians to be more careful. We remember the story of Pastor Alfred Ndlovu who died last year while attempting to break the forty days and forty nights fasting of Jesus Christ.

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