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Danny McEll – Poised to change the face of fashion in Ghana

Please, introduce yourself

I’m Danny McEll, a photo model and a fashion designer. I’m also into Music.

 Tell us about your brand D’manoo

D’manoo by Danny McEll is a Western Africa pop mix, aimed at breaking boundaries and expressing the love for fashion.

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What was the vision behind it?

Our vision is creating a brand that would push Africa to a different height in the global industry of fashion and modelling. 

So how long have you been a designer?

umm, I have been designing ever since I can remember. I remember way back when I was in junior high and even younger I used to draw clothes all over my mum’s walls and carpets, and play dress with my cousins dolls. I finally studied fashion in 2009.

 What are the challenges you’ve encountered and how have you been able to overcome them?

Umm some of the challenges have been both personal and career wise. Personally, people saying a lot of stuffs about me and calling me names and saying whatever they like because of my kind of fashion.

The major challenge in my career has been the lack of the kind of materials, tools and fabrics I’d really love to work with.

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How do you manage customer dissatisfaction?

Well I have not really experienced a customer not being satisfied, but in cases like that I guess we try to fix the problem with the client by apologizing first of all to keep the person calm, then we find solution to his or her problem even if it means returning the money he or she paid just to sustain the relationship.

Like they say “one good product or one satisfied client can bring you 100 more clients.”

What do you think about the fashion industry in Ghana?

The fashion industry in Ghana is growing I must say. Lately, I have observed some outstanding talents in the industry. Although, we still have a couple of people who just want to do fashion because others are doing it.

I’m generally very impressed and I believe fashion in Ghana is very promising.

What are the major highlights of your career so far?

Major highlights umm let’s see, that would be getting the opportunity to work and meet great people, being part of great shows and some good trips.

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What are your long term goals?

Building the brand and making it a bigger and stronger name.

What are your thoughts on what we can do here at Pave Africa?

I think being open minded with so much, allowing people to freely create and showcase what they have hidden inside and giving a chance to young and new talents and not shutting people down or promoting only the people you know.

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