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“I consider creativity a blessing” Afrocentric designer – Rita Jalloh


Please, introduce yourself

Rita Jalloh is my name. I was born in Sierra Leone and I live in Canada.

afrocentric designer-pave africa-creative entrepreneur in africa-thamani afrique


Tell us more about your brand “ThamaniAfrique”

Thamaniafrique is a Sierra Leonean brand based in Canada. The brand is renowned for creating bold and beautiful accessories, home decors, outfits and custom designed shoes using African prints. Everything is handmade.


How long have you been a designer?

I’ve been a creative person since I’ve known myself. Designing has always been a way of expressing my creativity.

Was there a moment when you suddenly said, “Yes! this is what I wish to do for the rest of my life”?

Well, I used to work in the health care industry but my passion for creativity has always been ever present. I finally made the decision to proceed with my creative work full time.

afrocentric designer-thamani afrique-pave africa-creative entrepreneur in africa


afrocentric designer-thamani afrique-pave africa-creative entrepreneur in africa


What are the challenges you’ve encountered and how have you been able to overcome them?

The major challenge I’ve encountered is working with people who claimed to have a passion for creative works but yet have so much insecurities, surrounding yourself with such people will only demoralize you; so I always keep my distance and try to stay focused.

What is your customer reach?

My customer base is pretty impressive, there’s a steady growth. Some of my works can be ordered via the website:

Which person do you admire most and why?

Generally, I admire every creative mind because I consider creativity an aspiration and a blessing. I find the level of hard work people put into their creativity very admirable.

afrocentric designer-pave africa-creative entrepreneur in africa


How do you manage customer dissatisfaction?

I’m not ashamed to accept when I’m wrong so I try my best to fix it in a professional manner.

What do you think about creative entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone?
Creative entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone still has a long way to go but I’m hoping for the best. The country is still growing and there are a lot of bright talents, so I remain hopeful and confident.

Given the chance to do anything differently, what would it be?

I don’t see myself doing anything else since my talent is natural and I obviously cannot shut it out.

What are the major highlights of your career so far?

Working with other creative minds is always a delightful experience. There is always a sense of joy and pride in it, I find it fulfilling.


afrocentric designer-rita-jalloh-pave-africa          afrocentric designer-pave africa-creative entrepreneur in africa

What are your long term goals?

The importance of maximizing ones talent and potential cannot be over-emphasized. Therefore, my long term goal is to remain committed towards inspiring the younger generation so they don’t put their talents to waste.

What are your thoughts on what we can do here at Pave Africa?

I firmly believe you guys are doing a superb job! You are actually crossing the barriers to put other talented/creative Africans on the map by providing a viable platform for a wider reach.


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