Be the best version of yourself – Kiki Lebakile Mokhohlane (Miss Lesotho 2016)

Please, introduce yourself

My name is Kiki Lebakile Mokhohlane, a young girl born and raised in Maseru, the capital city of my beautiful home Kingdom in the clouds, Lesotho. I am currently a third year LLB Law student at the University Of Pretoria, South Africa, where I study full time. I went to Machabeng College in my hometown before leaving to Ladybrand, South Africa to matriculate as the top learner of 2013 at Ladybrand Academy.

My earlier years, I spent a lot of time at various primary schools both in Maseru and towns outside the country as my father and mother changed jobs often requiring me to adapt to the change accordingly.

I was always a very academically inclined, knowledge fascinated me from an early age, and my competitive edge was groomed by through academics before I moved into other avenues.

lesotho model - pave africa
Miss Lesotho 2016


What was your childhood ambition?

As a child, funny enough, I had the most overwhelming love for animals. I wanted to be a veterinarian. My father owned a farm, I just wanted to help the animals, make them better. It was probably at this point my nurturing character first surfaced. It wasn’t long before my interaction with people took precedence, stemming from the same premise of love and affection that law became my passion. To help, protect and promote those who weren’t able to do so themselves. And better my surroundings myself, knowing I was a part of making them better.


As Miss Lesotho 2016, how has the journey been?

The journey as Miss Lesotho has been really a tough one. The balancing of all the different aspects and the aspects of myself I think are important was difficult. But it has truly been a learning experience and moreover an honor. I appreciate the opportunity and ability to be an ambassador of a country as inertly wonderful as mine. As it nears close to its end, I take only positives and growth from it.


lesotho model.

Your mom was Miss Lesotho 1979 and now you’re Miss Lesotho 2016; how does it feel?

Well my mother was highly against the idea of me joining Miss Lesotho actually. So it was something I did for myself, it’s of course very humbling that I was able to fill her shows and continue a legacy, but we are two different individuals with 2 different goals. Her guidance and wisdom was however a huge contributor to my reign and how I chose to conduct it.


What are the major challenges you’ve encountered and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was pursuing my studies simultaneously with my reign. It seemed impossible at a time. My hometown and the town I go to school in are 5 hours apart by car. Lesotho being a small country, the ability for me to gain large financial support was also a hugely stressful aspect. It was difficult to do the projects I’d planned to, but through perseverance and sacrifice I managed to do my best.


How do you relax?

A typical relaxation time for me is literally just existing on the couch with a great horror movie and the beat company. I’m really a simple person. My relations mean everything to me. The people I love complete me so anything done with them rejuvenates me back to my most optimal form.


How far do you intend to go with your modelling career?

I think in terms of pageantry, this will be my final endeavor. I would like to focus on professional modeling after my degree is complete. I enjoy being the canvas for make-up artists’ creativity, recognizing but not really recognizing your features and seeing your beauty through someone else’s eyes. I am very artistic. I just feel photography modeling will give me a chance to grow and nurture aspects of my character I’ve left neglected.


What would you regard as the most important attribute of an aspiring model?

To anyone aspiring to model, I’d advice and emphasis the importance of keeping true to yourself. Only you know what you’re aiming towards. Don’t let anyone pollute or contort your unique elements, or else you’ll just be another face or figure. Trust yourself and learn how to be the best version of yourself.


What are your thoughts on what we so here at Pave Africa?

I was approached by the founder of Pave Africa and I was very skeptical but after seeing it up and running I was so pleasantly surprised and captivated by the celebration of our different brothers and sisters. It’s so beautiful to see Africa being celebrated by Africans. Relying on the West to expose us as wonderful has gotten us nowhere. It’s great to see Africans taking the initiative.

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