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You can be a part of this project through any of the means outlined below:

INSPIRE: share your story…

Is yours a “grass to grace” story? Zero to hero? A triumph laced with doggedness, perseverance and sheer determination. Pave Africa offers a simple yet effective platform for you to make a positive impact. By sharing your story, you offer strength to those encountering similar challenges. You give them a reason to hope, a reason to believe! Share the experiential wealth of your story.


CELEBRATE: raise the placard…

This is pretty easy, if you know an individual in or outside your community who is worthy of recognition; an individual who has risen above the dust of life to attain success, someone whose journey is a story that will certainly motivate: do notify us. Together, let us celebrate them.


EMPOWER: pass the baton…

This segment is specially designed for individuals, corporate bodies and organizations with a heart. Without an iota of doubt, the Pave Africa project is expansive and highly demanding. Therefore, we invite and encourage support/partnership initiatives toward achieving our goal of empowering young creative entrepreneurs in Africa which of course is our core objective. Thank you!



PROMOTE: beam the light…

The enterprising young woman on your street whose works you love to adore, your creative neighbour, your industrious friend, the genius in your class. Tell us about them, tell us about all of them. Let’s promote them for free!

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