Man and religion- A poem by Chibuzor Loveth Umeh


Man And Religion

Man has embraced debate

On facts about fate in faith

Religiousness and all its gains

If all these pains hence be in vain.


What is the origin of religion?

God made man and man religion?

Let’s clarify for clear vision,

Lest man be lost in all region.


Daily we fiddle with the riddle,

Amidst pondering we fumble the puzzle,

Why make religion a blood sucking battle?

Thus before atheist ourselves belittle.


What be our fate, if religion be sin?

If at the end when all mortals reign

We all journeyed in the wrong train

And in the course all God’s work slain?


Ain’t there only one God?

Why wedge war in the name of God?

O religion, were you by God?

Amidst you what good?


Chibuzor Loveth Umeh

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